About me

Hello, my name is Santos López, a.k.a. Sanzei. I’m a Puerto Rican American photographer currently living in South Florida. I have been a lifelong artist from grade school and throughout. While working towards my B.A. of Media Arts and Animation, I solidified a meditative comfort within photography, painting, and writing. Since then, these crafts have been a constant tool which has allowed me to grow, learn, and adapt as an artist.

“Join me as I grow and develop my passion and love for photography.” 🙏

The Beginning…

My first art and photography influences; my parents. They both planted the artistic seeds that allowed two of my three brothers and me to endure within the arts. 

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Around the age of 8, my mother handed me a 35 mm film camera with a fixed lens and cheap plastic filters. No really, cheap they just blurred the images. Regardless I was immediately driven to explore more about subject around me. My creativity flourished as I began shooting from unusual angles and perspectives. The process felt important, it felt right. One day while playing with my 35 mm camera my beautiful mother began to pose for me. Her amazing smile and confident stances slowly became silly and absurd. We both began to laugh, it was fun. Every once in a while she would ask me to take pictures of her, I always looked forward to these rare days of joy. These are some of my fondest memories I shared with ma as a child. These moments will forever be the most influential of my photography life. I miss her... I hope she knows how instrumental she was in who I am today. 🙏


As a lifelong artist, I have always kept photography on my mind. In the 90’s I would ride around the city with my college friends capturing moments with my Canon Rebel X. This was my first Canon SLR and with it, I learned the basics while taking college courses in photography. Although fun and interesting keeping my film supply was difficult, to say the least. You see for a college student that could only afford to eat tomato sandwiches for dinner, 35 mm film was expensive to buy and develop.😶I felt I had to put the camera down until I was in a better financial space. Now that I think about it, I’m sure I still have undeveloped rolls around here somewhere. When digital cameras came around I was again intrigued, no cost on film and development? That’s Great Right! 👍Yes, but by then I was all in on the art and graphic design world. So it again became more of a hobby. Family and friends always supported my photography sometimes buying me the gear I didn’t need.😉But, it let me know that they all saw what I felt a true passion for the craft of photography.

Throughout the years I continued to treat photography mostly as a hobby. Until I met someone who not only believed in me but went ahead and booked a show for me. But I can’t, but I’m shy... Okay, I guess I have no choice. In 2015, I decided to make photography a priority, not just another thing I did on the side on occasion. So forward I went, all of the techniques and methods I have developed within the arts, I now implemented into my photography. And for anyone that says photography is not art...😠 Okay, I’ll be nice but know this, just like any other form of art, photography requires dedication, vision, repetition, and attention to detail. I have always known this as an artist. From Acrylic Paintings to Graffiti and even creative writing I understand the amount of work needed to master a craft. Anyone can take a snapshot, but what I strive for is photographic artistry.


At the moment Landscape Photography is my main focus but I enjoy other forms of photography like Street & Portrait. In South Florida, I am somewhat limited to beaches so I’m forced to work under harsh environments. 🙄 Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but getting up for sunrises or chasing good light is not an easy task. 😁 As a student of the arts & photography, I am always learning while eagerly looking for the next masterpiece. Soon, I plan to travel the world so that I may capture and share with you my interpretations of our amazing earth.

Thanks, Anita for believing in me, you pushed me out here...❤

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