Anglin's Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida)

Anglin's Sunrise
Anglin's Sunrise

Anglin's Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida)

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"Anglin's Sunrise" was also shot in 2017. This was our little one's first sunrise and for that alone, I will always cherish these magical images.

When we arrived I noticed roughly 30 photographers shooting from the north side of the pier - so I decided to go to the south side of the pier and catch the sunrise with Anglin's Fishing Pier in front of it. Oddly enough I saw only two other photographers on the south side of the pier. So with the camera ready in hand I got as close as possible to the waves without getting wet and laid down on my stomach for the shot.

Shot with: Canon DSLR

Things to know... 

  1. Water Marks are replaced with the Artist's Signature when printed.

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