The Rising Splash (Pompano Beach, FL)

The Rising Splash (Pompano Beach, FL)
The Rising Splash (Pompano Beach, FL)

The Rising Splash (Pompano Beach, FL)

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I captured "The Rising Splash" early 2017 with my smartphone. At that time this particular smartphone was a replacement for the supposedly "volatile" Note. A phablet which in my opinion was exquisitely designed to meet all my needs but none the less risky to own. I quickly learned that the replacement was also able to capture amazing moments.

Although I have almost always captured most of my moments with a DSLR, In 2014 I started to capture with phablets & smartphones. The Note 4 was the first to capture my moments beautifully. Since then I have continued to experiment with satisfying results.

Pompano's battered 54-year-old pier hasn't been fully operational since Hurricane Sandy swept through in 2012, but according to city leaders, its replacement in 2019 will provide Pompano Beach with a new unique experience.

(Smart-Phone Photo) Pompano Beach Pier, February 12th, 2017 (7:00 am) 
This capture has been sold and displayed at the Hollywood, Florida Art Walk.

4 mm * f/1.7 * 1/350 sec. * ISO 50

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  1. Water Marks are replaced with the Artist's Signature when printed.

  2. The Artist will determine cropping of images to best preserve his capture.

  3. Prints take 14-20 days to produce and ship out.


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